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Re-newable Energy

P.V. Solar Panels

Generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight


Solar panel electricity systems, also known as solar photovoltaics (PV), capture the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells don't need direct sunlight to work – they can still generate some electricity on a cloudy day. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting. 


         The benefits of solar electricity:


  • Cut your electricity bills. Sunlight is free, so once you've paid for the initial installation, your electricity costs will be reduced.


  • Get paid for the electricity you generate. The UK government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme pays you for the electricity you generate, even if you use it.


  • Sell electricity back to the grid. If your system is producing more electricity than you need, you can sell the surplus back to the grid through the Feed-in Tariff scheme.


  • Cut your carbon footprint. Solar electricity is green renewable energy and doesn't release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants. A typical home solar PV system could save over a tonne and a half of carbon dioxide per year – that's more than 30 tonnes over its lifetime.

As well as being experts in energy efficient LED lighting, Jager Electrical Contractors Ltd offer a complete range of energy reduction technologies.Our team has helped organisations reduce their energy consumption, carbon emissions, annual running and maintenance costs. 


Our range of services help generate, reduce and maintain your energy efficiency giving your organisation the very best in cost savings. Our approach is practical, looking for where we can make the maximum impact and deliver the most value to our clients. 


Our highly trained team have the experience and commitment required to ensure that you have the exact installation that gives you the ultimate efficiency solutions. 


Whether you simply want to upgrade an existing lighting system or implement a new one, the results and advantages will be immediate, measurable, and highly sustainable.


With a great return on investment and the reduced operational costs, it presents a solution that can benefit your household, business or organisation. We can move you into a brighter, more sustainable future.

 Renewable Energy



Improve Working Environments


Reduce Costs


NICEIC Approved Contractors


Environmentally Aware


Working Around Your Business

 Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a whole house ventilation system that both supplies and extracts air throughout a property.


 It offers a balanced low energy ventilation solution for new dwellings and re-uses up to 95% of the heat that would have otherwise have been lost.


Heat recovery ventilation systems maintain stable humidity levels, providing a condensation and mould-free living environment. 


All of our heat recovery products are manufactured here in the UK and offer a wide range of innovative benefits in additional to exceptional performance and low maintenance. 



    The Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems:


  • Options to suit all property sizes and types, saving you space and money

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install

  • Fan controls designed for quick and easy commissioning

  • 5 year warranty for peace of mind

  • Options for summer bypass and integral frost protection

  • Significant energy savings with very low running costs

  • Low maintenance and easy access filters (no tools required)



Heat Recovery Systems

Air Source Pumps

      The benefits of air source heat pumps:


  • Lower fuel bills, especially if you are replacing conventional electric heating

  • Potential income through the UK government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

  • Lower home carbon emissions, depending on which fuel you are replacing

  • No fuel deliveries needed

  • Can heat your home as well as your water

  • Minimal maintenance required

  • Can be easier to install than a ground source heat pump.

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems, or warm air convectors and hot water in your home.


An air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. It can get heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as -15° C.


Heat pumps have some impact on the environment as they need electricity to run, but the heat they extract from the ground, air, or water is constantly being renewed naturally.

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